Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finally some wedding pictures!!! :)


Bode & Taryn said...

Wow super cute pictures! I'm a friend of Jason's from high school, we met a few times at applebee's ha ha. Anyways i came across your guy's blog and just wanted to say hi! Hope all is going great for you guys!! Taryn

Jake and Nicole said...

haha I found you! but I can't remember how I did. I jumped from one blog to another blog to another and found yours. I know....I'm crazy but anywasy Yeah for you having a blog. Our blog is set to private but you can go to my old blog address ( leave me a comment and I'll "invite" you to my other one;)and then we can be blog friends!
Love ya Chica!


Jake and Nicole said...

p.s. way cute pictures